Highlander & FocusPrime

Karrawarra is the only source of Highlander and FocusPrime genetics in Australia. Genetics that consistently produce high quality lamb for the trade market.

Karrawarra Pastoral is a family owned stud breeding Highlander and FocusPrime genetics. Utilising these breeds, clients will maximise efficiencies and profits, allowing your flocks to prosper even through adversity.


Self replacing Maternal Ewes.

The Highlander is a low maintenance ewe that is resilient and rears healthy, fast growing lambs. They incorporate traits that are essential for self replication and survival under adverse conditions.

Highlanders bred as a maternal composite are a highly efficient animal that drive profitability via their moderate adult weight of 65kgs while weaning up to 180%. Their fast maturing lambs can achieve a trade market weight of 23kgs within 18 weeks.


“It takes 20% less feed to maintain a 65kg ewe than it does to maintain a 85kg ewe and if you’re feeding 1000 ewes for a week, that is (a) $400 saving. As well as this, we aim to have ewes lambing down at twelve months, which increases productivity over the lifetime of the ewe”

Leo Herbert 
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Terminal Genetics for Optimising Yield.

FocusPrime is a terminal composite designed to provide high performing finished lambs which are trait leaders in meat quality.

FocusPrime utilises the best available Australian and New Zealand terminal genetics from selected breeds into a single package.

  • Low Birth Weight
  • High Growth Rate
  • Survival
  • Meat Yield
  • Meat Quality

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Highlander & Focus Prime Stud Ewes
Client Success Story

Karrawarra FocusPrime x Highlander thrive in Nerinyerrie.

The FocusPrime rams we bought in Feb 2020 have produced high growth progeny with remarkable survival rates out of easy doing highly fertile Highlander Ewes. The Xbred lambs have great hybrid vigour looks with square backs and early maturing attributes. We also found Hannah very helpful and feel confident she knows what it takes to breed a ram that suits our business. Charbel Rizk – Nerinyerrie, Harrow VIC

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Karrawarra Pastoral Featured in the Weekly Times
News Article

Weekly Times | Mother of all Inventions

“It is hard not to do the figures, 10% /year over 8000 ewes is another 800 lambs and at 200 bucks, there’s another $160 000 in your pocket. It’s pretty simple if you get the right genetics. That was the main driving focus.”

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