Commercial Flock

A testament to the success of the Highlander and FocusPrime breeds, our commercial flock has achieved genetic gain year on year. This gain validates our breeding practices as we strive for commercial success that we can pass on to you.

Karrawarra Pastoral operates a commercial flock of over 8100  Highlander maternal self-replacing ewes. It is our commitment to refine and develop our Highlander and FocusPrime genetics directly answering the needs of our own commercial flock. In turn, breeding of the essential pillars for a highly productive sheep in the Australian climate: Adult Bodyweight, Fertility, Growth and Survivability.

Sales Wrap
🐑 3 Rams topped the sale at $4000 – Lots 10, 43 & 44.
🐑 Sale averaged $2819
🐑 Full clearance.
We are humbled by the support from existing and new clients and look forward to partnering with you to achieve your breeding objectives.

A huge thank you to our sales team - James Croker & Tim Woodham @nutrien_wagga_livestock Holly @auctionsplus, the talented @bijmin Swart for our fantastic catalogue and Hugh McKay @mountain_duck_media for editing my ram videos.
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Sale day is here! Auction commences at 12:30pm (AEST).


Sale Catalogue:

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Karrawarra Highlander Sale - 28th September 2021 @ 12:30
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Karrawarra Highlander Sale - 28th September 2021
A random selection of our sale rams. For more information visit our website.

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Karrawarra Highlander Sale - 28th September 2021
#karrawarra @nutrienstudstocknsw @nutrien_wagga_livestock #commercialflock @auctionsplus #asbvs

Karrawarra Highlander Sale - 28th September 2021
#karrawarra @nutrienstudstocknsw #commercialflock @nutrien_wagga_livestock @auctionsplus #asbvs

Assessing 7 month Highlander ewe lambs as part of MLA’s More Lambs trial with Jason Trompf & Elise Bowen. @TrompfJason @sheep_data_mgmt #commercialflock #highlander @meatlivestock ...

11 week old Highlander commercial lamb doing well on lucerne, clover & chicory. #commercialflock ...

Adult Body Weight

With a moderate adult weight, our ewes are easier to handle, cost less to feed and are maximising our efficiency.

Bigger ewes are becoming a problem in the industry from an inefficiency and handling perspective, for this reason we target a 65kg adult ewe.  

“Highlanders grow rapidly until 7 – 10 months when they flatten out.”

Commercially we aim to have lambs turned off at 23kg CWT within 18 weeks without supplementary feeding.


Adult Body Weight

“It takes 20% less feed to maintain a 65kg ewe than it does to maintain a 85kg ewe and if you’re feeding 1000 ewes for a week, that is (a) $400 saving. As well as this, we aim to have ewes lambing down at twelve months, which increases productivity over the lifetime of the ewe.”

Leo Herbert
Owner Karrawarra Pastoral


High mothering instinct combined with vigorous lambs have seen dramatic decreases in lambs lost.

As well as increasing scanning percentage, improving survival is equally important.

Lamb neonatal mortalities account for $550M of production cost each year in Australia.

By breeding more vigorous lambs and more maternal females that can decrease the gap between scanning and weaning; the Highlander can increase survival within your commercial flock.


“Our focus on the four pillars of;

moderate adult body weight, fertility, growth and survivability

with more than 90% of foetuses making it through to weaning.”

Leo Herbert – Karrawarra Pastoral

Increased Fertility

With a current scanning rate of nearly 180%, we've increased our fertility year after year since the inception of Highlander genetics, optimising the kg of lamb produced per ewe.

A highly fertile female is one of the key profit drivers in our commercial flock. We aim to increase the kilograms of lamb produced per ewe (or hectare).

“It is hard not to do the figures, 10% /year over 8000 ewes is another 800 lambs and at 200 bucks, there’s another $160 000 in your pocket. It’s pretty simple if you get the right genetics. That was the main driving focus.”


“In the first year of using Highlanders, the commercial flock increased it’s ewe scanning rate from 120% to 140%. This is now at 180% in four years.”

Leo Herbert
Karrawarra Pastoral


“Born small but quick to grow, our lambs are growing faster than ever to supply the trade market at 23kgs within 18 weeks without supplementary feeding.

Growth is an important factor in our commercial flock. We target a moderate sized animal that grows rapidly from birth to six months and then plateaus out.

This allows us to turn off trade lambs as quickly as possible and join ewe lambs at seven months of age in order to lamb down at twelve months – therefore keeping within the general calendar of events.



FocusPrime ® is a terminal composite designed to provide high performing finished lambs which are trait leaders in meat quality.



Highlander® provides maternal traits to drive productivity and profitability that result in an efficient self replacing ewe.

Client Success Stories
Highlander & Focus Prime Stud Ewes
Client Success Story

Karrawarra FocusPrime x Highlander thrive in Nerinyerrie.

The FocusPrime rams we bought in Feb 2020 have produced high growth progeny with remarkable survival rates out of easy doing highly fertile Highlander Ewes. The Xbred lambs have great hybrid vigour looks with square backs and early maturing attributes. We also found Hannah very helpful and feel confident she knows what it takes to breed a ram that suits our business. Charbel Rizk – Nerinyerrie, Harrow VIC

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