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The Land | Karrawarra Highlander remains productive through the big dry

"The Highlanders are excellent mothers from day-dot. The weaning percentage is what's really amazing. We lose very few lambs with very little input,"

As feed carts roll out in the big dry and the pressure mounts, one farming operation in the Riverina is seeing a resilient and efficient sheep continue to produce in dry times.

Leo and Vanessa Herbert are a third generation farming family from Eurongilly, NSW, and for the past four years have been working closely with Focus Genetics, developing an industry leading sheep stud utilising the Highlander and Focus-Prime breeds.

Focus Genetics is one of the largest red meat stud breeding operations in the world and offers enormous genetic support and advice to Mr Herbert and his team at Karrawarra.

Karrawarra is the nucleus flock for Highlander and Focus-Prime in Australia, breeding the Highlander as a stabilised breed to drive fertility, survival and profitability, and the Focus-Prime to drive meat yield and eating quality….

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